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A transformational path towards greater meaning, reduced stress and more joy in your work and life

Elazar Aslan and Joe Loizzo guide you through how to make better decisions, create deeper and more authentic connections, and become a radically inspiring and confident leader with a clear purpose.

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Boundless Leadership: The program that inspired the acclaimed book published by Shambhala Publications and distributed by Penguin Random House.

Praise for Boundless Leadership

A breathtakingly original approach to leadership, both practical and visionary.
— Daniel Goleman. Author, Emotional Intelligence

Insights, wisdom, scientific evidence, and practical advice they need to become the leaders they hope and want to be
— Katherine J. Klein. Vice-Dean, The Wharton School

A road map to change — blending the heart, mind and body
— Sharon Salzberg. Author of Lovingkindness and Real Change

Necessary and advanced approach to self-development and leadership.
— Brad D. Smith. (Former) CEO and Executive Chairman, Intuit


Thank you for considering becoming a boundless leader. 

Please take a moment to connect with what brought you to this page. Perhaps you’re unhappy in your current position, stressed, dealing with a toxic work environment, or overwhelmed by the demands of a changing world—or maybe you feel like you're not living from your greatest potential.

When we joined forces to offer Boundless Leadership workshops and retreats over ten years ago — Joe with his keen scientific and scholarly insights into the human psyche, and Elazar with his deep experience from the frontlines of the business world — our aim was to use leading-edge sciences and contemplative wisdom to address the growing complexity and demands of the hyper-paced digital economy.

We worked hard to create a comprehensive, accessible path for leaders not just to achieve success with more clarity, ease and confidence, but also to redefine success as sustainable happiness for self, others and society as a whole.

In the end, leadership is not about any specific role, new set of ideas or skills to influence others. It is a fundamental shift in our way of being that will yield transformational change not just for you individually, but also for all those whose lives you touch.

Both of us look forward to guiding a new community on the collective journey of transformation that is Boundless Leadership. Please do join us!

May all be well,

Joe and Elazar

P.S.  If you have questions, email Elazar or Joe

Is Boundless Leadership for You?

Boundless Leadership was designed, developed and tested to provide a path to remedy a common set of challenges many of us face. If any of these resonate with you, then join us.

  • Lacking a sense of purpose
    Despite outward success, do you still struggle with finding meaning in your work life or a sense of joy?
  • Too much conflict at work
    Do you get anxious about work due to unnecessary stress and aggressive colleagues and unrealistic demands?
  • Needing greater resilience and agility
    Do you feel overly impacted by setbacks and disappointments or have difficulty staying as agile as your work demands?
  • Overactive inner critic
    Are the incessant complaints of your inner critic putting you under great pressure to perform and excel?
  • Being fearless
    Do you believe that your potential is untapped and you want to claim your boldest vision for yourself, your organization and the world?
  • Seeking a paradigm shift
    Are you concerned about the divisive, scarcity culture of business as usual and desire influencing a shift toward inclusivity and social equality?
  • Leading a remote or hybrid team
    Is the new normal affecting your team’s drive, effectiveness, collaboration and camaraderie?
  • Leading people confidently
    Do you want to manage through inspiration and strength rather than power and authority?

The New Science of Leadership

Boundless Leadership incorporates the latest findings in the fields of neuroscience, leadership, and personal transformation to access our full potential as humans, and unlock the Boundless Leader in us all. The program is not designed to convey theories and information, but to affect personal transformation.


Integrating the science of neural plasticity, emotional intelligence, embodied cognition, peak performance and flow

Compassion Training

Training in empathy and compassion unlocks the emotional intelligence that fuels authenticity, inspiration and human equity

Positive Psychology

Joining the new social psychology of lasting happiness and well-being with the science of leadership development

Mind Body Methods

Optimizing the mind-body connection to sculpt mind and brain on a subconscious level, unlocking your full potential to ignite change

Why the Program Works

Developed over the past 12 years, Boundless Leadership leverages an architecture that uses small, proven steps to build the traits and qualities of the Boundless Leader in all of us.

The Boundless Leadership program gives you highly precise practices that are used to build specific qualities which will improve your performance quickly. As these qualities mature for you, you will begin to develop core competencies which in turn help develop the long-lasting traits of transformation.

Transformation takes place because you’re not merely acquiring knowledge, but rather sculpting new traits that optimize your mind, heart and body to access your full potential.

Who Will You Become?

Optimizing your mind, heart and body into an integrated leader, will allow you to realize your full human potential and purpose.

Aware Mind

Using mindfulness practices participants learn how to see through negative thoughts and worst case thinking and cultivate presence and balance allowing you to make better decisions.

Engaged Heart

Using compassion-based practices participants will learn self compassion — how to accept our full self and how to extend this compassion out to others enabling you to be a better manager and a more trusted leader.

Fearless Body

Using body practices and role model imagery we reshape our way of being and showing up in the world with greater confidence and fearlessness.

The sum of this work, however, is greater than its parts — participants can lead a more content and joyful life pursuing their boldest visions in the midst of all that life has to offer.

What Will You Get?

The program is centered on the live and online course taught by Joe and Elazar, but supports all modalities of learning with comprehensive videos, readings, and small group meetings. The program includes:

  • 14 weekly 90-minute Zoom meetings with Joe & Elazar
  • Over 75 video teachings
  • 12 distinct mind-body practices
  • 3 proprietary methods for immediate impact
  • A student website
  • Peer work and community support

“The Boundless Leadership Program is an invaluable tool for creating a new paradigm in business leadership. The program teaches leaders how to better recognize the value of people, the importance of sustainability and the critical balance between life’s demands and rewards.”

Ron Insana, Program Participant and CNBC Business News Contributor

The Curriculum

This rigorous training has been refined to optimize and integrate the mind, heart, body of a leader through a methodical and proven architecture.



Preparing the Ground – Setting Intentions for Change

Exploring our individual challenges and vision, and clearing up misconceptions about meditation and embodied methods, we set our intentions for the program and begin our journey to Boundless Leadership together.

1 Session



Discipline of Mind – Showing Up at Our Best

In this module we learn to make better decisions by training in the qualities of presence, balance, unbiased awareness and discernment and building our competency for clarity and the trait of self-awareness.

4 Sessions



Discipline of Heart – Leading Others to Excellence

In this module we use the new science and practices to develop compassion, the basis for authentic engagement, by building the qualities of empathy, resilience, engagement and inspiration that promote social equity lead through trust.

4 Sessions



Discipline of Body – Embodying Fearlessness

Leading fearlessly requires re-envisioning our self-image and purpose, revising our story as leaders, then grounding these in natural flow and fearless embodiment to rewire the unconscious networks and energies through which our bodies and minds impact others.

4 Sessions



Moving Forward – Turning States into Traits

Supported by a peer community, we set our own personal plan, focus on bringing practice into our daily lives, refine our intentions and commitments, and strengthen our resolve to positively impact the world as boundless leaders.

1 Sessions

The Team

Our team teaching approach pairs two leaders in their respective fields of contemplative psychotherapy and business leadership. The interplay of science and business leadership makes Boundless Leadership a unique and in-demand offering.

Meet Joe

Joe Loizzo, MD, PhD, is a contemplative psychotherapist, a clinical researcher, and Buddhist scholar-teacher. He founded Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, a nonprofit organization that interacts with over 12,000 people per year. On the faculty at the Weill Cornell Medical College and the Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies, he lectures widely on the role of meditative learning in the future of health, education, and leadership, and teaches regular public classes and workshops.

Meet Elazar

Elazar Aslan, MBA, PCC, is an executive advisor, speaker, and entrepreneur. After a successful career as a business executive, he became a professional coach over a decade ago, bringing his meditative practice and leadership principles to corporations including Chase, D&B, MasterCard, American Express, and ADP, as well as hyper growth start-ups. He is the founder of A Day of Kindness in Philadelphia, President of the Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia, and a Nalanda Institute board member.

Testimonials from Alumni

“This course is a transformative journey from your core to your outer shell, in which you have the opportunity to learn, practice and live out who you are as a leader, from a space of confidence, clarity and compassion. ”

— Victoria F.

“I took the class because I was feeling stuck in my career and uninspired... I have a renewed sense of how I can uniquely be the type of leader I want to be, and I feel optimistic about the future. I have an ongoing framework for dealing with obstacles that I can put into practice daily. And, it's also a tremendous value for the investment.”

— Nicole F.

“The science groundwork is fascinating, the practice absorbing, the partner work galvanizing, and the interior work gives me confidence to approach any new situation skillfully.”

— Vimukti A.
Founder, Noble Heart Yoga

Group & Corporate Programs

Group and corporate programs are available. Please fill out the form and we will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weekly time commitment?

The rule that you get out what you put in applies here. The minimum weekly commitment is about 90 minutes attending the weekly class and another 90 minutes preparing for the class. This course will definitely change the way you lead and more importantly, the whole way you experience life. The opportunity to go deeper in readings, reflections and peer work is precious and should be explored.

What are the tech requirements?

You will need a good internet connection to access our site and the media contained within it. Our online meetings are conducted via Zoom. You will receive instructions before the first class on how to get up and running.

Does my location matter?

Anyone can join the course, providing they are available for the group meetings.

Do I have to be a business leader to take this course?

Essentially, we are all leaders. Self-leadership is the first step in shifting how we show up. Leadership can be called upon in non-profit organizations, social justice or even in our families and communities. Creating positive change in any way will always require leadership.

What if I miss a class?

All classes will be recorded and will be available for review at your own pace. There is an opportunity to ask questions in the following class as well as to lean into your peers. Class material will be available as each module begins, so you can also plan ahead.